S.N.G.A.F. – The Blog That Doesn’t Give An “F” About Your Feelings

So. Nothing is really the matter. I’m just full of phlegm. When I talk, I sound like Satan. You know what? IDGAF.

AT & T says I owe them $109 because I never returned some damn equipment to them. You know what? IDGAF.

I might have to not do my mega bike ride this weekend if I don’t feel better by tomorrow. You know what? IDGAF.

I have an endless list of things that IDGAF about but I won’t bore you with all that. Instead, here are some photos that better articulate how I feel inside:

Part hover cat, part rebel, this cat is like my soul. It’s fluffy, fancy, free, and SNGAF.

You don’t want it. Charmander is a BAMF and he will let you have it! Don’t make me throw a Poke Ball at your head to better explain this.

Damn you, MemeGenerator, for putting your damn stamp all over everything that is good and holy in the world. Damn your black heart.

It really doesn’t get any better (for him, anyways) than this.

adfjl;aldsjk;djsfkl;d;lafjkj;dlfkThis deserves a keyboard smash. Look at her little face that is SNGAF.

Now this. This is one BAMF. How did this shot even take place? I cannot even think of anything that could make this all happen.

Honorable mentions that I am too lazy to PhotoShop:

Is there anything going on today that is making you SNGAF?

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