You’re A Master Internet Lurker If…

To put it bluntly: There’s an art to Internet lurking. It goes beyond a simple Google search or typing a name into Facebook. A master Internet lurker knows how to find intel on those hard to find unicorns who don’t have social media accounts, or have them so secured, it’s impossible to find any trace of… More »

11 Signs You’re Totally Addicted To The Internet

Hey guysss! In today’s video I’ll be admitting that I have a problem with the internet. I’m…

This Video Will Make You Put Down Your Phone And Pick Up Some Tissues

We love technology here at Buzznet, obviously. But what we love even more is real life experiences: concerts, parties, finding the perfect outfit!

This video, is a spoken word presentation of a piece called “Look Up.”…

These Cats Are Having None Of Your B.S Today

Most of us here on the internet LOVE cats, and for good reason. They like to be pet, they’re usually socially awkward, and then they do stuff like this:

~ Santa…

Why Does This Exist?

I have a lot of questions about the universe and pop culture. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep adding to this gallery all of the many things that boggle my mind and maybe you’ll be able to give me some answers.

How Ke$ha Snaked Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Style!

Miley Cyrus is currently locked in as the top celebrity to raise some eyebrows. It may shock some people, but Miley’s attention-grabbing ways are working. Her new music is killing it on the charts, and there’s no way to say that it isn’t helped by her revealing ways. It looks like Ke$ha may want in… More »

BEST Things On The Internet That You May Be Missing

You see them all day: Funny videos, pictures, gifs posted all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds. But maybe you’re missing out on some… AKA potentially the best ones to ever surface the…

Heartblog: Why Do We Talk To The Internet?

True story, I’m super awkward in person. I mean, maybe not around my friends, but in general, if I am hanging with a stranger, or needing to make small talk- I fail.

‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Is The New Best Thing Ever

Thank you. Thank you world for knowing it was time for a brand new Ryan Gosling meme for us all. In what appears to be the first breakout success on VINE, director Ryan…

What Not To Do Online: Justin Bieber Edition

Justin Bieber shocked (and probably excited a few) fans over the weekend when he posted a photo of his pop-star plumber butt to…

Best In Show: Internet Cat Party 2012

Oh 2012, where have you gone? Have you been swatted underneath the couch in the living room of my heart like some forgotten ball of yarn? Have you been brushed aside like so much Fresh Scoop from the litter box of my mind? This year has come and gone at a strange leisure. Much like… More »

Question of the Day: What Was the Last Thing That Made You Laugh?

I was trying to think of something fun for today’s question but alas, all I could think about was how everything bothers me. Then, because my brain is magical, it became bothered by everything bothering…

The New Myspace: Will It Make A Comeback?

When the popularity of Facebook soared, Myspace fell to the wayside.

It looks like the company has had a few tricks up its sleeve though (including having Justin Timberlake on board). It has rebuilt the…

Is Miley Cyrus Living A Passionless Life? (VIDEO)

Though Miley Cyrus denies there is “trouble in paradise,” her recent tweets have some people wondering what’s wrong. The starlet, 19, posed a question on the social networking site about needing more passion. She…

The Magic Of Internet

Preamble: I always thought that my blog here on Buzznet was read by such a lot of people and only the one who are signed here, but also worldwide before to rend it private.

I always…

Cute Dogs Making Ugly Faces

If you all didn’t know, today is Ugly Dog Day. Since ugly dogs are actually ugly and look like Gremlins after a midnight feeding/jump in the pool, we have decided to show you cute dogs making ugly faces. Here are our favorite EHRMAGURD and HURR DERP pups that we hope you enjoy.

My Favorite Memes So Far

If you haven’t been paying attention, we are just about half way done with the year. Time flies when all you do is sit at home, watch the 3 Second Rule video on repeat, and lol at Bolin In the Deep. Since I am lazy and only find memes here and there, this is obviously… More »

Keltie Colleen At Prom!

I am not sure why I love to post totally embarrassing photos of myself on the internet, but I do. I found a few photos from High School that I thought I would share with you! I’ll tell you the story of each photo as we go, and you will even get to see that… More »

Question of the Day: Have You Learned Anything From the Internet?

We are on the internet A LOT. Most of us here are on the internet more than anyone should ever do anything. How many cat photos can you look at before they stop being funny?…

Employers Demand Access To Your Facebook: What Do You Think?

Today in WTF-ery, GOOD posted an article that made thank the heavens that I do not have a Facebook. In their article Forced Friends: Want A Job? Give Up Your Facebook Password, we…

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