Lady Gaga Is a Tech Geek Super Hero Now

So, you had to realize back when Lady Gaga was named the new Creative Director for Polaroid that this could only lead to something that could either be dubbed “ridiculous” or “amazing” but is probably both.

And that is an understatement.

Yes, yesterday Lady Gaga helped announced that Polaroid would be launching a few more mundane items, including an update of it’s classic bulky instant camera, but that’s not what we are here to talk about. No. OH no. We are here to talk about how Lady Gaga is making every single geek’s ridiculous futuristic dreams come true.

Because the biggest announcement was likely the GL20s. Lemme let MTV explain this one:

Known as GL20s, they sport a camera capable of both still image and video capture. To take it a Gaga-style step further, two small screens were shoved behind each lens so we can show off our POV video and images. The recorded images and videos are stored on one of the arms, which is actually a detachable USB drive!

…oh, Lady Gaga, why did I ever doubt that you dreamed of electric sheep?

The future will arrive in spring of this year, but we don’t yet know what it will cost. Odds are, whatever it costs, I would likely be willing to pay it.