Steven Taylor Polaroid Blog GIVEAWAY!


In case you have missed it, celebrity photographer Steven Taylor has been doing a rad #PolaroidBlog on Buzznet! He has been posting one Polaroid photo each day…

Rise and Shine It’s Panda Time

Love how this picture turned out. It’s me with the panda statue at the Washington D.C. Zoo, which is free and so much fun. You should defiantly check it out if you ever find yourself in D.C.

Lady Gaga introduces camera-enabled sunglasses and more…

Check out this video of Polaroid‘s Creative Director, Lady Gaga, unveiling Polaroid Grey Label.

Lady Gaga Is a Tech Geek Super Hero Now

So, you had to realize back when Lady Gaga was named the new Creative Director for Polaroid that this could only lead to something that could either be dubbed “ridiculous” or “amazing” but is probably…

Playing With Cameras

Me and my friend Nat went to Little Tokyo I was trying to take a photo of him with his rad camera and he snapped this Polaroid!

Junk Collector

When I was in Philly I found my Polaroid camera and stacks of film! I can’t tell if this is a crap camera or not? Should I buy a new one or is this how they all look?

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