55 Classic Vintage Camera Tattoos

What better way to show your love for photography by getting a camera tattoo? These vintage camera tattoos are so incredible. The details in some of them are amazing and we just had to share! Take a look through the gallery below of vintage camera tattoos! Do you love photography or cameras enough to get… More »

Smile Pretty For The Camera! (Or Don’t, It Can Fix That)

I’ll be the first to admit that the photos you see of me or the bands I’ve photoed for Buzznet, you’re not seeing the straight-from-the-camera result.  You’re seeing something I’ve edited, sometimes…

Lady Gaga Is a Tech Geek Super Hero Now

So, you had to realize back when Lady Gaga was named the new Creative Director for Polaroid that this could only lead to something that could either be dubbed “ridiculous” or “amazing” but is probably…

Bizarreland is SLR ready again…………..

At the end of November I took this photo and explained that both of my manual SLR Nikon Cameras were both broken and could not be fixed. But much to my surprise my husband bought me the N2020 on the right for Christmas. It was a huge surprise that he was able to find that… More »

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