It’s been a very busy day…

Hello Buzznet,

today it’s been a really really busy day!

Wake up @ 10am, I haven’t university today, so I could sleep a little bit more, I needed it, even though I didn’t sleep so well, btw… after breakfast, I watched a little bit of tv and then at midday I go at the mall, to my hairstylist for finally dye my hair, after long time… There was like always Letizia, my fav hairstylist, she always works on hair, everytime I go at the salon 😉 she’s so young, a couple of years more me, and she loved when I go at the salon, so she can dyes hair in a different way to the usual looks… so, this time I wanted to dye my hair black and also in shocking pink or magenta, how you prefer…. and this is the result 😉

@ 3pm I come back home, I had lunch and then I went with my parents at the travel agency for reserved the hotel when we’ll go in Milan, on 21st December, for Tarja’s concert, and also I could meet my friend Stefania, i can’t wait **

Then, I go at the piercing factory for change my ears piercing

and also I asked for the brow piercing, how much is it and if it’s hurt… coming soon, I’ll do it! 😉 when I’ll have a little bit of free time

@6pm finally I come back home and I can relax myself a little bit, tomorrow a new busy day at the university, I hope the time flies quickly, I’m studying for my first exam, music for movies, then I’ll have other 2 sure exams in the next months, on January and February, one of sociology and mass media, the other of analysis of movies… but I’ll do it!!! 😉


Have a great week guys!!!