Holiday Up Do’s You Can Slay This Holiday Season

The holiday party season is kicking off this weekend and one of the most important things to polish your perfect party look is a killer hair do. Long and loose is always pretty, but for some events, you might get the itch to sweep it up in a pretty up do to turn heads and… More »

Top Knots To Inspire Your Next Hair Style

The best thing about the top knot is it’s never going out of style. The easy and chic style became a hot trend a few years ago and is now a staple for long haired individuals around the world! It’s easy to rock a messy top knot for a day running errands around town or slick one back with hairspray… More »

27 Stunning Shades Of Blue Hair

I still haven’t gotten my purple redone since I went blonde, but I have been looking at blue hair now too! I love the pastel blue color it is so pretty! Might be fun to do in the summer instead of purple but who knows! When Katy Perry had her bright blue hair I was… More »

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, illustrations, photos, #BubbleGothTastic hair, beautiful unicorn horns, and MoonChild tattoos of MoonChildren Ciel, Demi, Eliana, Jessica, Kassio, Kolor, Lucas, Matheus, Melissa, Mickey Wondrland, Nel, Nikko, Praterm, and Rocio!!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u wanna share?! Put them up… More »

Outfit Of The Day: Leopard & Pink

Happy Friday, my dear Buzzneters!

I think it’s a lot of time I don’t write about an Outfit Of The Day blog, I should…

Hercules DIY: How To Go From Mere Mortal To Greek Goddess (VIDEO)

Our gal Kendall from Celebuzz is chiming in to help us channel our inner Greek Goddess! 

I always like to use the excuse of the New Year to reinvent myself—whether it’s through an exercise regiment, a…

NYE Party Hair Inspiration

It’s the best season of the year, the holiday season. All the parties have begun and eveyrthing seems just a little more glittery! i am, of course, really looking forward to New Year’s Eve because 2013 was so epic, I can only imagine what 2014 will hold for all of us! One of the funnest… More »

Fashion Profile: Jennifer Carpenter

So, let me know it: I HAVE TO POST THIS GALLERY. The answer is pretty easy: I LOVE Jennifer Carpenter and I fell in love with her, again, this year. I already loved her in “The Exorcism Of Emily Rose” one of the best horror movies I’ve ever watched in my whole life, I always… More »

Summer Buzzin’: Animal Hair Hats!

Nagi Noda was a Japanese artist, disigner and director. Unfortunately, she died in 2008. But today I wanted to show you her incredible project…

Summer Buzzin – 50 Celebs Hairstyles I Love

I always admire celebs on the red carpet, especially the female ones, looking at their amazing outfits, perfect makeup and wonderful hairstyles. So I thought to create this little gallery with fifty of my favorite hairstyles ever picked from the celebs I love. Let you inspired and probably you can have some inspirations for future… More »

30 Shades Of Purple Hair

As a Ravens fan, I absolutely adore the purple hair trend and fully plan on going purple again in the fall! 🙂

30 Shades Of Purple Hair

Lately, I have been itching to get my purple hair back so so bad! I have been doing nothing but looking at purple hair on Tumblr whenever I have a free second. I just might have to get a little dye job done ASAP. Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys some of my… More »

Trend I Love: 31 Scarf Hair Wraps

I am always on the lookout for new hair styles and fashion trends to share with you all! I was recently inspired by Sara at work the other day when she was rocking a cute scarf in her hair that she got from here Mamma. I was obsessed all over again and really wish my… More »

Colorful Hairstyles

Colorful Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.

Retro Hairstyles

Retro Hair,Hairdo,Hairstyles.

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.


this girl is kaylah the dainty squid blog, loves to change the color of hair is often, it has many colors from orange to pink, purple, blue, green…

Ombre Hair: Inspiration For Change

As you may know, yesterday I went to the salon for a complete hair makeover! I decided to go for an ombre brown to blonde. Check out some other ombre hair styles I luvvvv. xoxo


A collection of photos of Models and Photoshoots.

Style Icon- Colette Carr

Her new music that she previewed at Cherrytree London (we went over my cherrytree bias a few posts back) IS AMAZING. Her first mixtape had a COUPLE hits. And yea when I first googled her a few months back I was like, “ok, some rich white girl from MALIBU who does hiphop.”–NO, not at all… More »

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