Caught in the Act: Awesome Lady Publicly Shames NYC Subway Flasher

Sometimes, being a girl and being in public can suck. Catcalls, unwanted advances, sometimes something as simple as a really gross look can make you want to run and hide inside and not come back out for awhile. And these are all fairly tame compared to people who feel the need to show you their…um…equipment.

Like the guy who got onto the New York Subway and just thought he’d flash a woman next to him in the train. And hey, bonus, dude had a condom on, so it’s totally safe, right?

Except not. The woman proceeded to verbally rip him apart. And the best part is? Her rant is up on YouTube. Don’t worry, the guy’s johnson isn’t.

This is AMAZING. Not just because the guy got caught, but because this woman didn’t just let him get away with it, didn’t get embarrassed about it (what does she have to be embarrassed about? He’s the one with his schlong hanging out on the subway) and make sure everyone around her know the guy was a total creep. Also, bonus points to the dude who says “This is going up on YouTube.”

How long until Auto Tune the News gets their hands on this one?