How Rihanna Spent Her Birthday: On The Subway!

Rihanna is no stranger to keeping things real as she’s so publicly displayed. After all, the gal has taken a ride on the subway system in…

Why Was Rihanna Riding the Subway to Her Concert?

Rihanna could afford to have her pick of any car and driver (or ten!) to chauffeur her around anywhere in the world. So why was she…


I love this video but I hope the rat got away without getting killed. I still think the rat looks like someones pet and maybe the whole thing was staged !!! ONLY IN NEW YORK : D

Caught in the Act: Awesome Lady Publicly Shames NYC Subway Flasher

Sometimes, being a girl and being in public can suck.  Catcalls, unwanted advances, sometimes something as simple as a really gross look can make you want to run and hide inside and not…

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