Planning the week

I’m back!!!! In those last days I stayed with my friend Alice, she came to me and passed a couple of days together… we planned for a concert of an Italian singer, but the team of organization deleated the concert, because the leader is a totally sucker: he loves change the dates of the events, the places or deleate them… so anyone concert… but night at bowling… where i loose ='(

Doesn’t matter, today I said goodbye to Alice, she come back home, and then I went to cousins of my mum’s home, it was a lot of time I didn’t see them… so I talked with them to a lot of things….

…Tomorrow starts another week and I will be really busy: I’ll make a shirt, search for the gift about my best friend Antonella, she turns 18 on 24th August (the same day of Hanna Beth =D), I’ll go to the house of the friends of my parents…

I hope to have a little bit of time for relax myself =)

What are your plans for this week?