16th July 2010 – A date will stay forever in my heart!

1,500 km only for see them!!!! From Trieste (north Italy) to Catania (south Italy)

on 15th July, in the morning we arrived in Catania (Antonella & I) the day before we knew about the opportunity to buy the dvd and the cd before the release on 20th July… so at the evening of 15th July, we stayed in front of the store called LA FELTRINELLI – RICORDI MEDIASTORE… i was the number 110 the morning later, from 9 am, the dvds and the cds were avaiable… only 500 copies (among dvds and cds) and 300 pass/bracalets for the signing session we stayed in front of the store… until 2:30 am, then come back at the hotel, we slept 2 hours and then come back in front of the store at 7:30am … we bought the dvd and the cd and then, Antonella’s dad took us with the car in the TRL’s location for take the pass/bracalet… at 11am we were under the stage of TRL, waiting for the show… at 7pm TRL started oh Guinness!!!!!!! fantastic, fantastic!!!! then, at 8pm the show finished… and we waited for the signing… … when i went in the backstage, oh Lordy i saw the Holy Light of the Heaven XD at the first, i saw tom… when i arrived at the desk where they were… tom said to me: hello!!! eheheheh thank u!!! XD and he made the autograph… i throw myself on the desk XD for take to Bill, the necklace with my first letter of my name, you know i have one with the “B” and the letter for him…. Bill: *o* thank u!!! and he smiled me… and he touched me softly my hand and he looked that i had the same polish nail of him, YSL Stormy Grey (he hadn’t this one on his nails, but he has it during the Arthur premiere) then bill wanted to firm the booklet of the dvd of mine, and teared away from Tom’s hands my booklet XD bill made his autograph and then gave me the booklet and then he looked at me, and i looked him… so deep… he saw my soul!!!! and he had a smile on his face, i can’t describe it, because he looked at me in a way that noone has been looked in this way like me!!! *w* we stayed to look each other for one long minute, and then a TRL’s bodyguard said to me: hey, you gotta go. I: ah, really? and so i went toward the exit looking bill and he looking me until can be possible for him! OH MEIN GOTT!!!!!

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