Avenged Sevenfold Is Crazy, But Not Alone

Avenged Sevefold has released the video for their song “Nightmares.” And I’m not sure what I was expecting…wait, scratch that. I wasn’t really expecting anything because I’m generally not an A7X fan. I mean, just not my thing. But I was tipped off about the video in case I wanted to do an Explaining the Video for it.

And I kind of did, but other than about three jokes, I couldn’t do much with the 6 minute long clip. Other than sit there and go “6 minutes and you’re not really giving me a plot, just a lot of scenes of nightmare-y things? NEXT!”

Well, and think about other videos.

See, there’s a lot of other artists who have done stuff involving straight jackets and mental asylums and generally being crazy. And all Avenged Sevenfold did was make me think of that stuff.

Like the video for “The Phrase that Pays” by The Academy Is… Featuring William Beckett in a straight jacket, a poor choice of hair cut for Adam T. Siska and surprise!Gabe Saporta at the 2:43 mark.

Eminem also writhed around in a straight jacket for his video for his breakout hit “My Name Is.”

And hey, even Aerosmith donned straight jackets and acted like mental cases for “Falling In Love (is Hard on the Knees)”

Oh, Steven Tyler’s top hat. Why couldn’t you help keep him sober?

Okay, so, being associated with that isn’t TOO bad, A7X. I mean, not really punk groups but…


But this isn’t JUST NSYNC. Oh no. This is “early in our career and doing the worst possible things with our hair NSYNC.” This is “you don’t know it, but eventually Justin’s going to be the hot successful solo artist” NSYNC. The “CHRIS, CUT THOSE FUCKING BRAIDS, I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL END YOU” NSYNC.

This is not the NSYNC you want to be associated with.

So yes, A7X, you gave us the horrors of old people, spiders, young girls playing with what have got to be completely unsanitary internal organs, dancing with skeletons, Pauly D possibly fronting your band and informed us of the dangers of headwalling too much.

But you should have known the price of evil doing an insane asylum video. Really, guys.