The Dirty Heads Make History, Are Still Pretty Chill

You guys know who the Dirty Heads are, right? They’re the Orange Country group that does this pretty awesome punk/dancehall/reggae/hip-hop fusion music. Sometimes there are ukuleles involved. Maybe you saw them on Fuel TV. You might have heard of them because of their ad campaigns for groups like Skullcandy and Hurley. You may have heard their song “Stand Tall” in the movie Surf’s Up, the finest movie ever to feature Napoleon Dynamite performing the voice of a stoned surfing chicken.

Or you might have heard their song “Lay Me Down” which has been getting radio play this past summer. This is pretty likely, since that particular song has helped the band mark two musical firsts. They are the first independent record label band to have a song at #1 on alternative radio for 10 straight weeks. And they just announced that they are also the first independent record label band to take the #1 spot on Billboard’s all format rock chart!

Here’s hoping this bodes well for the Orange County group, who’s music makes me want to run and grab my surfboard and catch a wave. And then I remember that I don’t own a surfboard, don’t live near the ocean and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to surf.

Congrats to the Dirty Heads!