Boozle: San Antonio and Hanson’s Good Bye BBQ

If you’re an All Time Low fan, you probably already know about the COMPLETE AND UTTER MAYHEM that took place in Arlington. I’m not really allowed to talk about it because I AM allowed in the remaining Six Flags dates but here’s the 411 via Ashly. There are tweets and videos and such that can bring you up to speed. Anyway–All Time Low were not allowed to play San Antonio Six Flags but between the puffy painted shirts, Boys Like Girls covering ‘Weightless’ and Good Charlotte opening with a song by Mase (get it?) I think they were well represented and supported.

We closed down our tent early to watch Cartel’s last performance on this tour

It was a total bum out to have them go because they were one of my favorite bands to watch every day. However, the trifecta of departed bands (including Hanson and The Downtown Fiction) brought everyone together at the end of the day for a backstage parking lot cookout.

Our bus was parked close to Hanson’s so we lurked them a bit while they were setting up. Before we hopped a shuttle (yes, it was THAT far) back to the main grounds we inquired about the shindig and that was when Zac Hanson gave me this weird sort of lecture about dedication and pinatas. I can’t even….

We tried to go on some water rides but I guess touring personnel had fallen out of favor with Six Flags because our laminates were NOT functioning as fast passes that day. Which is dumb because, hello, we have work to do, we can’t just wait in line for an hour.

We finally fast-passed our way onto three coasters at the very end of the night, and then headed to the Goodbye BBQ.

Some of the things that happened at this parking lot party:-Cady Groves and her boy from The Ready Set worked out.-I talked to Joseph Pepper about his mom and how she commented here on Buzznet and how much of a fan she is of their band and how, because I’m writing this, she’ll probably comment again.-We took lots of pictures!

We never got to break open that pinata, by the way–Hanson forgot to buy candy.

Now were spending a couple off days in Vegas (not all of the tour is here right now) and we got to laundry and hit the pool and other awesome stuff. Show tomorrow is at the Joint and some new bands join the tour!!

See ya soon!

Love, your tan backstage blogger