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Exclusive Premiere: Cooking With Cady ‘Guacamole Bitc%#es!’

Yesterday we all got to live a day-in-the-life of Oklahoma born recording artist Cady Groves, who, after recently wrapping up a 30-day tour, took over our Instagram for the day.  While her musical talent and bubbly personality already has us locked in as life long fans, she’s got a secret talent she’s sharing today on Buzznet! Kicking… More »

Cady Groves Posts New Demo “Never Enough”

Little miss attitude, Cady Groves has released a new demo of an acoustic track, “Never Enough”. The song was written by Cady herself along with her guitarist, Ryan Williams.…

Cady Groves Exclusive: 14 Things You Should Never Do On A Date

Sassy firecracker Cady Groves writes songs that empower girls and put boys in their place. She knows how a girl should be treated, so for Valentine’s Day we asked Cady for her take on dating–more…

Music Notes 1/31

OH MY GAWD LAST DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH OF 2012! Here’s some music news to help you ease into February. Or something.

Adele will be singing at The Grammys

Cady Groves

Music Notes 1/25

Happy Wednesday! I give you the gift of music news.

Benji and Joel Madden will be putting out music as The Madden Brothers

Plug In Stereo release music video for “Oh Darling”

Cady Groves’ IF Interview

One commenter will be chosen at random to WIN the original copy of this survey! All you have to do is come up with a different answer for one of the above questions–so your comment would start out, “If Cady were a (blank), I think she’d be (blank) because….” ***WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN. But feel… More »

Music Notes 1/4

Ahoy! These are the bits of music news that washed ashore today, you scallywags.

The Black Keys blame Nickelback for the death of rock n roll

Check out a new song from Sharks

<img src=""…

Cady Groves’ 2011: A Year In Photos

Sassy singer Cady Groves is one of our big girlcrushes this year, so we MAY have done a little victory dance when she said she’d share some of her best photos, memories and adventures from 2011 with Buzznet. And yes, the adventures do include a bacon-topped donut. Check it out ya’ll!

PREMIERE: Cady Groves ‘This Little Girl’

This whole week we’ve been giving you breadcrumbs of Cady Groves treats, and now it’s finally time to unleash the full music video for “This Little Girl”. Are you ready some vengeful tactics,…

Peek at Cady Groves’ New Music Video

We will be premiering Cady’s brand new music video later this week… stay tuned! Her IF interview goes up tomorrow… get ready to comment to win it 🙂

MAY Playlist: The Summer Set, Cady Groves, The Cinema

I officially have so much good music in my itunes its hard to choose. June might need a playlist PER WEEK.

(stay tuned for some behind the scenes…

Boozle: San Antonio and Hanson’s Good Bye BBQ

If you’re an All Time Low fan, you probably already know about the COMPLETE AND UTTER MAYHEM that took place in Arlington. I’m not really allowed to talk about it because I AM allowed in…

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