Diane Von Furstenberg Dinner Party

The night of the Betsey Johnson show I met up with Ali and we went to Diane Von Furstenberg dinner party at her store in New York. It was so surreal to be in the company of all those amazing people. One day I am taking a cab to the store the next day im eating dinner with Diane Von Furstenberg? We got a 8 course catered meal, they had champaign and sushi being passed around..it was incredible. Rachel Zoe was sitting across the other table. I must admit I do love her show but all i could think of was everyone calling her a raisin face. Diane was really nice and looked fabulous.

Last night was the Bebe launch party at the store. I stopped by but it got way to crowded to stay. Right now im packing up my bags and getting ready for the Clandestine show and after party. By noon tomorrow I will be back in Los Angeles. Its been snowing since last night. The snow flakes are the size of a quarter. Tonight is my last night in the Big Apple.

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.

Does anyone else watch Rachel Zoe?