everyday life #3



so valentine’s day was sunday, right? i’m not a huge fan of the day, but it was nice. well actually, on saturday my parents went out on a date.. so erika and i bought some stuff for hannah, rebekah, angela, and christa, then took it to their house. we had fun =) then when we got back home, we straightened the house up for our parents then watched the end of “pretty woman“.

then on sunday we went to church.. came home and did nothing.. went back to church. after service on sunday nights we have these open share groups… its just to talk about whatever. rarely we talk about serious stuff.. but my group, which is the girls my age, just talk about absolutely stupid stuff. its fun =)

anyway, yesterday when i woke up, erika had decorated the computer room with hearts and tom kaulitz 😀 and presented me some goodies and presents. it was AMAZING. she wrote a note that made me cry, and we laughed alot. best after valentine’s day EVER. i love my sissa.

i love the exies. ugly is such a good song. they sound so much like skillet in this song.

let me share something nice from chantelle paige:

You are soooo adorable 🙂

…and you and your friend in that video should definitely be models! You’re both gorgeous 😀

Love you to pieces Ronnnnnnieronnnn

like.. i didn’t even comment her. she just randomly commented me. 😀 i love her! i love it when celebrities take time to talk to their fans, and make them feel more like friends. thats how i will be when i start my music career 😀

how was your v-day?