Fall Out Toy Works Comic to Debut this September

Listen to or read the lyrics to Fall Out Boy‘s song “Tiffany Blews” from their latest album Folie a Deux and you might get some interesting mental images or ideas. But odds are, none of those ideas are the same as the ones Fall Out Boy’s bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz has come up with. Because Wentz isn’t using the song as a single or as fodder for more merch from his Clandestine clothing line.

He’s turning it into a comic.

Wentz posted something alluding to the comic Thursday on Twitter. But more details have emerged throughout the day. It appears that Wentz, along with designer Darren Romanelli, came up with a storyline involving a robotic girl named Tiffany, a boy in a bear suit and a toymaker who created them. The comic, to be published by Image Comics, will be written by Brett Lewis of the Bulletproof Monk series and its art will be managed by Sam Basri.

But a comic based around “Tiffany Blews?” Where did that come from? Well, according to Romanelli “Pete had hit me up about designing him some custom gear and we immediately clicked. We’ve been throwing ideas back and forth for some time and FALL OUT TOY WORKS stemmed from a place of passion and common ground between us.”

And it’s looking like, as is typical of something Wentz has his hands in, it won’t be just one form of media. As Wentz told MTV News “Me and Darren came up with the idea of creating … a world around ‘Tiffany Blews,’ It’s more than a comic too. In the end, it will be a graphic novel, clothing, Web site and possible toys themselves.”

MTV was quick to draw comparisons between Wentz’s new project and existing works by My Chemical Romance members (and brothers) Gerard Way, who’s series The Umbrella Academy won an Eisner for Best New Series, and Mikey Way, who penned a short Batman story for last year’s DC Halloween Special. However, with the differences in Pete’s level of involvement in this comic, the comic’s ties to his music and Pete’s very different general writing style, it’s safe to say Fall Out Toy Works will be a very different sort of comic.

For now, all we have is a preview image available at FallOutToyWorks.com and the lyrics to “Tiffany Blews” to go on. At least, until September 2nd when the first issue hits comic stores.