Bree’s Book Corner: ‘Wish You Were Here’ & Bookish Links

Not to dissapoint you, my adorable little worms, but I did not finish a book this week. But I don’t want to leave you without any inspiration, so I’ll tell you what’s on my nightstand and getting some wear-and-tear from being my carry-everywhere read. Does that work?

This past weekend I was given an advance copy of Leslie Simon’s new book, “Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between,” so I happily cracked into that. If you remember, she wrote “Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide To Emo Culture.” Her latest effort hits your local bookstore on TUESDAY and just got a sweet little push from Hayley Williams in Paramore’s LJ. I’m only halfway through the “Los Angeles” section but I can tell you it’s a great book for expanding your musical knowledge and arming yourself with some impressive facts. Plus, Leslie’s writing style is just funny. Shameless plug: Enter our contest!

I’m almost done with Douglas Coupland’s “All Families Are Psychotic” but I really can’t give you a verdict until I get ‘er done and sort of digest it. Fun fact: I read Coupland’s “Life After God” after it was mentioned at an Atari’s show. One of my favorite Atari’s songs is “My Hotel Year” (the lyric “I’m more alone with you then when I’m by myself” gets to me) and they based it on that book. I’ve recommended the book to some people, but a majority of them consider it “too metaphysical.” Whatev. It has some definite good chunks in there. And sometimes I can appreciate a book for its parts more than it’s whole.

Books I want to own that, I don’t (yet): Brandon Boyd’s. It would look ill on my coffee table. Although I don’t have one of those yet, either.

A gallery of bookcases.

How To Take Over Teh Wurld: A LOLcats guide to World Dominashun will be coming out in the Fall!

DailyLit is a site that facilitates reading books by email or RSS. I haven’t been successful at using it yet…

Booky question: Which book have you read as a result of a band mentioning it/referring to it in a song?