#FBF Warped Tour Bands That Rocked Emo Hair Hard

OK, so maybe this was a short week with Memorial Day and all, but we’re still chanting “TGIF!” in our heads. On this #FBF we have Warped Tour on the brain. Everyone’s fave summer tour kicks off in two short weeks. To celebrate, let’s reflect on some Warped Tour alumni who truly embraced all things emo…… More »

You Gotta Hear This: “If It Hurts” by Gallant

LA’s Gallant caught my attention on this week’s episode of MTV’s Eye Candy with the song “If It Hurts.” I was drawn to it’s ethereal…

Flashback Friday: Fall Out Boy LIVE In 2002

Maybe it’s because I have been reading Pete Wentz‘s new book Gray, or perhaps it’s because Fall Out Boy have reemerged to the forefront of music, but this old…

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Album : Belly Dancers and Costumes


So this year I thought it would be fun to look back at Dr.Mojo and his girlfriend Flojo celebrating Halloween at Bizarreland 😀

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XOMISERYXO but lower case.And Twitter @AdrienneElysse

Album : Belly Dancers and Costumes

Album : Clubwear


So E-Moe seems to be getting a little bolder with himself these days. His sisters Sindy and Flojo have had their piercings for a long time. E-Moe wanted the face chain for some time now and he finally got up the courage to get it done. I just hope the Kids don’t annoy him now… More »


So E-Moe just got back from visiting his mother and father and the kids decided they wanted to surprise him. Jenn, JD, Ben and Baby Boo were waiting for him so they could give him some Valentines Silly Bands of course he was not pleased with their present and now won’t talk to anyone :… More »

Emo Girls Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Emo kids sometimes talk about how rough they have it.  They get picked on and bullied which, hey, trust me.  I know is no picnic.

But folks?  At least you’re not getting ARRESTED.


There was no other news………

Seriously, was there nothing going on more important than this. Maybe if parents spent some more time with their kids instead of sitting them in front of the T.V. and computer they wouldn’t have to rely on their friends to be family. Also, this shit has been going on in the fetish world for a… More »

Bookish Blog: One For The (Emo) Kids

If you follow me on Goodreads, you may have noted that I quit both Wicked and On The Road. You know how a certain album fits perfectly with a certain time in your life, and…

Bree’s Book Corner: ‘Wish You Were Here’ & Bookish Links

Not to dissapoint you, my adorable little worms, but I did not finish a book this week. But I don’t want to leave you without any inspiration, so I’ll tell you what’s on my nightstand

Punk Emo Scene Hair & Hairstyles



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Emo for Obama!

Found this link via Absolutepunk:


If you’re into this, button can be purchased at democraticstuff.com

What I’d like to see is lolcats for

MCR Fans Protest in London

A group of My Chemical Romance fans spent Saturday protesting British tabloid Daily Mail over its controversial articles about emo. Watch this trailer, which was directed by Jed Shepherd.

It has BEGUN!

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. This has led many people to believe that the world will end in 2012, since the Mayans were pretty on about that sort of stuff.  Even if they are…

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