Our bus driver might kill us.

Most of Friday I spent kidnapped by my aunts. We sought out dry shampoo and caffiene and foodz.

After my Aunt J spoiled me by getting me portobello raviolis and and a Betseyville laptop case, then we hugged and went back to the venue.

I watched some of Cancer Bats but then I was really hungry so I CAREFULLY walked to Taco Bell (slush! ice!) and picked up reinforcements. Then I took it back to the dressing room at Myth and watched some Dog Whisperer while band doodz wandered in and out and made pb sandwiches.

I took some pictures but the camera kinda blows and so does like, the fog machine.

I’ve taken a lot of videos but its worthless trying to upload those.

Mostly, our bus driver is INSANE. Like, falling asleep at the wheel, swerving, hitting the median BAD. That fool is supposed to sleep during the day but we don’t think he does.

The band has tried to fire him once, but the bus company overruled it.

So, if I die, please write nice things about me.