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Magazine Leaks Warped Tour Lineup?!

A photograph recently taken of a magazine ad featured the 2012 Warped Tour lineup and the first five dates that open the tour in California. Although there haven’t been official…

All-American Rejects & Four Year Strong Join Blink-182’s European Summer Tour

This summer Blink-182 will be touring across Europe, and the feisty threesome will be bringing supporting acts All-American Rejects, Four Year Strong, Twin Atlantic and <a href=""…

Rock Vs. Cancer Benefit Show

On the evening of Saturday, February 26th I attended the Rock Vs. Cancer benefit at House of Blues San Diego. Everyone was dressed head to toe in formal attire–I was in faded black jeans, black…

Four Year Strong @ HOB Sunset

Friday 10/22/10

Four Year Strong’s Sneak Peek…

So this morning Four Year Strong posted some behind the scenes and actual screen shots of their upcoming music video for ‘Tonight We Feel Alive (On a Saturday)’. Looks like it was a massive…

Automatic Loveletter, Four Year Strong and More Added To Warped Tour

Absolutepunk posted a handful of new bands that have been added to 2010 Warped! [cut=Let’s see ’em]

They are:

Agent Orange
Bouncing Souls
Automatic Loveletter
Deas Vail
Face to Face






<img src="" border="0" alt=""…

The Lurking In Denny’s Video

Can you spot all the rock stars? 😉

Gaf Tape, Poo and Potential Friends: RTOC Tour Observations and Such

Gaf tapes solves most of life’s problems. Duct tape’s pricier, prettier (neon colors galore) and more pliable cousin is a coveted item on tour because it can be used for SO MANY THINGS! It’s a

fys new bus – back lounge

joe and josh approved. also: snapped from my bunk

fys new bus – back lounge

big windows. the better to see the world with, my dear

If only every band had a shoe organizer on their bus

fys new bus

the lavish hallway

this bunk was pimped out with a cupholder!

On the bus with Josh from Four Year Strong

There’s a girl who ties his shoes together when he stands on the barricade. Also, there’s a right way to flip someone off.

On The Road with Taste of Chaos

Bus life, strange new cities and food

I don’t know if anyone bought the practice stripper pole.

Today we were in Louisville, Kentucky at this venue called the EXPO 5 and its sort of weird and sketchy because it’s in this thing that looks like an aviation hangar but hosts this bizarre…

Our bus driver might kill us.

Most of Friday I spent kidnapped by my aunts. We sought out dry shampoo and caffiene and foodz.

After my Aunt J spoiled me by getting me portobello raviolis and and…

On The Road With Chaos: Pretty Oli, Shifty Buses And Karaoke

Sweet baby jebus, I think I should’ve taken some Dramamine before I went to bed last night. This bus obviously isn’t like, the mercedes of it’s kind. My bunk if comfy but I swear I

’09 Taste of Chaos Lineup Announced!

The Rockstar Energy Drink Taste of Chaos TOUR is just about ready to roll again. It’s the 5th year that this winter rock-your-face-off-fest will be cavorting around the globe–perhaps you would be interested in knowing

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