taste of chaos

The Lurking In Denny’s Video

Can you spot all the rock stars? 😉

Vic from Pierce The Veil Doing Karaoke

“Billie Jean” by MJ. At Trader Todd’s in Chicago, the first night I joined the tour.

Gaf Tape, Poo and Potential Friends: RTOC Tour Observations and Such

Gaf tapes solves most of life’s problems. Duct tape’s pricier, prettier (neon colors galore) and more pliable cousin is a coveted item on tour because it can be used for SO MANY THINGS! It’s a

Curtis Ward Leaves Bring Me the Horizon

According to Rock Sound, guitarist Curtis Ward has left Bring Me the Horizon.


This is especially sudden since the departure comes smack dab in the middle of the…

Thursday release the big black balloons

Chicago RTOC. Looks so cool…

I don’t know if anyone bought the practice stripper pole.

Today we were in Louisville, Kentucky at this venue called the EXPO 5 and its sort of weird and sketchy because it’s in this thing that looks like an aviation hangar but hosts this bizarre…

Our bus driver might kill us.

Most of Friday I spent kidnapped by my aunts. We sought out dry shampoo and caffiene and foodz.

After my Aunt J spoiled me by getting me portobello raviolis and and…

On The Road With Chaos: Pretty Oli, Shifty Buses And Karaoke

Sweet baby jebus, I think I should’ve taken some Dramamine before I went to bed last night. This bus obviously isn’t like, the mercedes of it’s kind. My bunk if comfy but I swear I

After reviewing some pictures of myself I’ve decided…

That I like when my hair is darker. Blonde streaks w/ almost black. So, for my next appointment, I’m just gonna take it back to blonde and black. I tried to be a blonde. I…

’09 Taste of Chaos Lineup Announced!

The Rockstar Energy Drink Taste of Chaos TOUR is just about ready to roll again. It’s the 5th year that this winter rock-your-face-off-fest will be cavorting around the globe–perhaps you would be interested in knowing

Avenged Sevenfold @ Taste of Chaos

Long Beach Arena 4/10/08

A7X performing @ LB Arena

TOC LA date! Taken at 9:26 PM on April 10, 2008

Atreyu performing “Falling Down”

Taste of Chaos LB Arena. Love this song.

Blessthefall looking for new lead singer


Thursday evening, Blessthefall posted a blog soliciting demos from “serious singers” who are interested in being their new vocalist. They posted an…

Rumor Has It: 3/8 Taste of Chaos Cancelled

My “insider” says that todays Taste Of Chaos will be cancelled. Bert has bronchitis, Jared has a 104 degree temp and Buddy flew home for a funeral.:(Bust out your markers and construction paper, its time…

Music Saves Lives.

– Taken at 9:02 AM on January 01, 2006 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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