Okay so today was suchhhh a F U N day. As you know,I finished designing my first streetwear collection for guys&girls. And TODAY was the photoshoot for it!! It was the first time we had to cast male models and work with them for my very own collection! We had a blast. My friends Morgan and Tina were both by my side today to help out at the shoot! we had 5guys and 2 girls we shot my Tshirts,tank tops, and hoodies! ahhhh. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you! I am also going to post a video clip from the shoot :] all I have for you to see as of now is one sample picture:

this is Amber,she is wearing my LLAMA LOVE tshirt!! I am SO obsessed/in love with llamasss! its not even funny. So i designed this little shirt to share that with all of you. I will add it to my online shopping store by next week.

I hope you all had a gorgeous monday!! I will update soon


Jazmin Whitley