Behind The Scenes Look at Li Cari Street Wear Photo Shoot

I had the shoot at my friends apartment on Hollywood & Vine – right in the middle of the crazy madness that is LA. The street wear items are wearable and edgy, my most popular item is the studded mini skirt. Items will be on sale in January on I was motivated to make… More »

What the Hellz? Introducing BOTB Clothing!

I’d like to introduce you to this unique new collection, BOTB, by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (creator of the trail blazing street brand, Hellz Bellz). BOTB’s highly anticipated collection, titled “Movers and Shakers,” looks amazing! Lanie did an awesome job combining her tough girl mold with a more light hearted approach – mixing high end sensibilities with… More »

Li Cari butterfly hoodie!


a look into the Li Cari photoshoot!

MEEE, Morgan,Tina and the models have fun working on a photoshoot for my street wear!! sorry you cant really see it that well =/ but i hope you enjoy it!!! let me know what you thinkkkk


Okay so today was suchhhh a F U N day. As you know,I finished designing my first streetwear collection for guys&girls. And TODAY was the photoshoot for it!! It was the first time we had…

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