Love Fashion

Since this is my firrssst note on buzznet :] :] :] I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself!

My name is Jazmin Whitley, I’m a FASHION designer && my clothing line is called Li Cari

I was the youngest designer to ever show at both New York Fashion week and LA Fashion week. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing job that I have SOO much fun doing. I do everything from creating new collections for every season, to photoshoots && dressing celebs for the red carpet. I would have to say that the RUNWAY shows are the best part of my job! It’s when everyone gets to see all my hard work: editors,buyers,celebs,friends & family! It looks sooo glamorous and fun but it gets insanly hectic and crazy backstage.

I also get to meet sooo many amazing people along the way! The picture above is from my LA Fashion Week spring/summer 2009 runway show. KHRISTYNNE is the model in the picture,she is also now one of my best friends. We met at a photoshoot a few years ago and have been working together ever since!! 🙂 another person I work with is Morgan Weirich. She is another one of my BEST FRIENDS<3 she coordinates things backstage at all my fashion shows. we do everything together from: casting models,styling photoshoots,to going to events and she also hosts most of my fashion shows! We have endless amounts of adventures together haha NEVER a dull moment! This is a picture of Morgan & I at a model casting in NEW YORK. oooh, by the way we LOVE New York! New York is soo gorgeous.

The next time you go to New York you should dance in the middle of time square with all your friends. It’s really fun.

VERY EXCITING NEWS! I had a photoshoot for my new collection called “nautical meets neon” the other day and have some amazing pictures for either angeleno magazine or malibu magazine not sure yet. Sophia is the photog I worked with on the shoot and she is SO great! she is also very young && working on big stuff. 🙂 yayy. Our entire team that day was really young,now that I think about it. haha. even the hairstylist and makeup artist! I shot with 2 models Amanda and Hanna Beth. Both really sweet girls. here is a look at our day:



and the gorgeous Li Cari girls hard at work:



Eee! 🙂 GUESS WHAT! The Li Cari tank top is on S A L E

So if you want a tank top or want to give a tank top this Holiday season you can shop online:


I will keep you posted on anything im working on && anything funn im doing.

Yours Truly,

Jazmin Whitley