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Exclusive Interview With Kelsy Karter

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kelsy Karter. She is an Australian soul/pop musician and songwriter living in Los Angeles. I believe that you know Kelsy Karter because she is…

Jen Awad F/W 2012 Runway Show feat. Jessi Jae Joplin and Lola Blanc ♥

This past weekend I attended the amazing Jen Awad F/W 2012 runway show for Concept LA Fashion Week at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. I love Jen and I love her clothes, so I was super excited to have a front row spot at this particular show. The collection was titled “Hot Mess” and was… More »

LA Fashion Week: The bebe After Party

This season I was invited to attend the bebe after party for LA Fashion Week. Photographer Erica Lauren and I attending the event. I wore a dress from my ss11 collection that is…

Aimee in Li Cari

Aimee Teegarden is a huge fan of Li Cari. She has been to every runway show and rocked dresses from all my collections at various red carpet events. Her movie PROM comes out this April!! 🙂 make sure yall check it out. in this photo shes wearing a one of a kind black number with… More »


I had so many fittings for LA Fashion Week! Here is a shot from a fitting I had with the sisters from the E! television show “Pretty Wild” They came to my showroom in Los Angeles to pick out some dresses for the red carpet. only two more weeks till my shows!! 😀 XOXO Yours… More »


more like LA Fashion MONTH. so excited. oct.23rd and 24th my spring/summer collection is going to be INSANE. 🙂 Can’t wait to share pictures with you all. XOXO Jazmin Whitley Li Cari

Monday here I come

Today is going to be hectic. LA FASHION WEEK is less than 2 weeks away! LOTS of emails, fittings,castings,planning and meetings. however, I will leave you with a fun little fashion favorite of mine (: my current obsession is this new cell phone cover I got. Honestly, when ISNT your cell phone in your hand??… More » work some more

today i’m at my showroom ALL DAYY gearing up for LA Fashion Week. a few interviews && tons of emails hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend, please have some fun for meeee xx jazmin whitley

new hair

My friend Cilla just cut my hair for mee 😀 finally have bangs again. this week has been insane,hectic and CRAZY i’m excited for FASHION WEEEEK. it’s only a few weeks away, oh joy

HOT Boutiques in the LA area

Hey Buzznet,

I’m so excited to share with you that TWO new boutiques in LA now carry Li Cari 

to celebrate this glorious happening I will be giving…


backstage at my LA Fashion Week show!! short much?? =/ gah. anyway! the runway show was amazing! my models looked Uhhh-mazing. im going to post pictures soooon XOXOX

LA FASHION WEEK! Li Cari fall/winter

Check out this clip from my show “House of Jazmin” on MTV to view the entire episode visit

House of Jazmin on MTV

Don’t miss the new episode of “House of Jazmin” on MTV at 10:30pm every Tuesday!! are you ready for LA Fashion Week 🙂 Here is a clip of this weeks episode. what do you think?? XOXO!

goodbye weekend,hello monday

I don’t really like Monday. Who does?

Today is my brothers first day of high school! I’m excited for him<3

<span style="font-size:…


This was at my LA Fashion Week Li Cari fall/winter 09 runway show =] My models are so gorgeous!! I will never forget this fashion show. such an amazing day in my life. xoxox

Li Cari @ LA Fashion Week

here is a clip from my show 😀 hope you like it! Li Cari fall/winter 09

LA Fashion Week-red carpet

here is a picture from riiight before my fashion show 😀

Tina and I

Here we are after a LONG day of casting models for LA Fashion Weeek!

LA Fashion Week!

I’m so excited to say that my show for LA Fashion Week

 is next sunday! March 15th  :]

here is the invite:

hope to see you all there


I would love to hear YOUR fashion opinions!

Hey buzznet friends! :] Happy Valentines day.

I was looking online and I came across this website,

they talk about me and a dress that i wore a& talk about how it is SO UGLY!…

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