Twilight DVD to Fill In the Blanks with Midnight Sun Scene

While Twilight hasn’t even hit theatres yet, director Catherine Hardwicke is already talking about the DVD’s special features. Start salivating now, Twilight fans, because she’s giving you more Edward Cullen for your buck.

Fans will of course be familiar with Midnight Sun, the book that Stephenie Meyer was writing in order to retell the events of Twilight from Edward’s point of view. The companion book has been put on “indefinite hold” however, following an incomplete version of the manuscript leaking online. Stephenie instead has made the incomplete version available for download from her official site and said she feels no current desire to finish it after the mishap.

HOWEVER, when Hardwicke was being interviewed about the upcoming Twilight film, she mentioned that if Meyer ever completed Midnight Sun, she’d be more than willing to reshoot the movie from Edward’s POV. In fact, both she and Robert Pattinson were given partial drafts of the manuscript in order to better understand his character. And it must have been inspirational, since Hardwicke and Pattinson shot a scene from Midnight Sun. While it won’t appear in Twilight, for obvious reasons, it will be included as a deleted scene on the Twilight DVD.

This follows the news that the Twilight soundtrack, featuring Paramore, Muse and Linkin Park among others, was the #1 selling album last week, with sales numbers of 165,326 units. While Twilight-mania is going strong, can it really last? Or will it peek with the movie’s release next Friday and go the way of last year’s film version of The Golden Compass? Only time will tell!