Does Hayley Williams Prefer Dazzle or Dogs?

When Paramore first announced they were recording a song for the Twilight soundtrack, later revealed to be “Decode,” frontwoman Hayley Williams talked about being a fan of the best selling series of books. And, if there’s anything I’ve learned from talking to series Twilight fans, there’s one huge question you have to answer before any other: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

So, what does Hayley have to say? Well, as she told

“When I was on the second and third books, Jacob was my favorite, and everyone, like, hates Jacob for whatever reason,” Williams said.

There you have it! Paramore’s fiery frontwoman declares for Team Jacob. And while she also told MTV that she’s still got about five chapters to finish up in the series finale, Breaking Dawn, she still loves the series, and identifies strong with Bella Swan. As she puts it “…honestly, I felt like I connected with Bella reading the stories … mostly [due to] the fact that I’m in love with a vampire.”

Hmmm…well, since she’s team Jacob, odds are she doesn’t mean she’s in love with Edward, huh?

So, are you shocked by Hayley’s revelation? And, since we’re only a week away from the movie’s release, I guess the time has come to ask you, Buzznet: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

PS: I’m Team Alice, for the record.

Oh, and don’t forget, MTV will be airing “Spoilers” tonight at 7:30 ET/PT, with a first look at not only Twilight, but also The Day the Earth Stood Still, Bride Wars and Watchmen.