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‘Twilight’ Stars Pull Out Of Public Appearances (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson‘s string of awkward appearances following his breakup with Kristen Stewart may have come to and end. Despite his public breakup with Kristen Stewart, the actor, 26, fufilled his promotional duties for his…

New Moon in $50

So, some friends and I made a New Moon parody.  Filmed in two days with a budget of $50.  I play Stephenie Meyer with the aid of some lip plumper.

It is finally online.  Go watch.


Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 2: Nordstrom

So, last week’s entry was fairly low-key, right?  I mean, a few crappy teeshirts and some gross chocolate bars, but generally just, you know, bland.  

Well, this week we step up our game a…

Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 1: Rue 21

If you’re like me, then the quickly approaching release date for New Moon leaves you with only one desire: to crawl into a hole and not come out until the abstinence fueled Twi-frenzy goes back…

Does Hayley Williams Prefer Dazzle or Dogs?

When Paramore first announced they were recording a song for the Twilight soundtrack, later revealed to be “Decode,” frontwoman Hayley Williams talked about being a

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