Want To Share Your Writing with THE William Beckett?

William Beckett isn’t just the lyricist for The Academy Is…. I mean, being the lyricist for a band with such a devoted fan following is already pretty impressive. But Beckett doesn’t stop his writing there. He’s also a poet and a fiction author (there was talk at one point about him possibly co-authoring a book with Pete Wentz) and recently has taken to blogging.

It was apparently the blogging and the comments he received in his blog that inspired William to go one step further.

This blog was created almost three months ago as a creative outlet for me. But having met a lot of you that visit this blog, and having read your comments over the weeks, I’ve decided to create a place for you as well. A place where you can share your poetry, prose, short stories, etc. with me and other people that are interested. There is no catch. There is no signing on the dotted line.

The group is on Friends or Enemies.com and is called MONDAYEYES. And while there’s the bonus of possibly having William see your work, there’s also the chance for you to share your work with other writers, to get feedback and constructive criticism. There’s also a forum for when you’re frustrated or need help or have to flesh out an idea or can’t find a word.

Beckett claims he’s “starting a New Poet’s Society.” And I think we all know the appropriate response to that, right?