Panic at the Disco Propose Beer and Bible Study with The Jonas Brothers

Panic at the Disco, currently on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, know what it’s like to be the group of guys who get teen hearts beating faster, faster. So, when Rolling Stone sat down with the newly chilled Panic, who are already at work on music for a follow-up to this year’s Pretty. Odd., what did the Las Vegas boys and their bassist from Chicago have to say to that OTHER group of teen heartthrobs, The Jonas Brothers?

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Panic brought up the JoBros blogging about Pretty. Odd. and claiming they liked it, despite the fact that it “ripped off the Beatles.” But Panic showed there were no hard feelings, with bassist Jon Walker saying they seemed okay, “if you gave them a couple of beers.” Lead Singer Brendon Urie chimed in with the suggestion that they could get together and have a Bible study. Which could get interesting considering the Jonas Brothers deep devotion to their faith, Ryan Ross‘s Catholic School up bringing, Brendon’s Mormon heritage and the fact that Panic would likely be stoned through the whole damned thing.

Panic also took the time to talk about the stress to produce hits being off of them, something they also addressed in an interview with Buzznet‘s own Bree. So for now, it sounds like Panic is pushing to have a new album out sometime next year.

Maybe they could get Russell Brand in on the project, as well?

To see the video interview with Panic, at Rolling Stone, and find out why Panic claims they need all those scented candles back stage, click here! Also, don’t forget to check out Buzznet‘s community round-up of the concert!