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#FBF – Disney Stars We Were Completely Obsessed With

Disney has blessed this world with so much magic. From theme parks to animated movies and the always bitchin’ Disney Channel, all hail Walt and company! Disney has this crazy knack for identifying and popularizing talented youngins. On this #FBF, let’s reflect on former Disney stars that we were (and are!) totally obsessed with. Justin… More »

#FBF 10 Reasons We Miss The Jonas Brothers

Let’s take it all the way back to 2007. Around that time the world was introduced to three mop-topped brothers from New Jersey. They were adorable as all get out, and they were as pure and chaste as K-Pop stars with their Disney Channel personas and promise rings. They were the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros are… More »

Dani Vitale In The Jonas Brothers “First Time” Music Video


So I posted a blog a couple weeks back about going to Las Vegas with my friends, and it happened to turn into a music video for

Happy 19th Birthday Nick Jonas

I remember the buzz that was going around when Nick turned 18! Now he’s finally 19 and acts more mature than my 60 year old father. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know him, as he was a really great friend to me on the road. He’s one of the most talented people I know,… More »

Everythings Fine :( – The Summer Set CD Release Party

Jonas back up dancer Dani Vitale hanging out!

Panic at the Disco Propose Beer and Bible Study with The Jonas Brothers

Panic at the Disco, currently on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, know what it’s like to be the group of guys who get teen hearts

MTV VMA Countdown: I Feel OLD

So, as it has been pointed out to me repeatedly, often as an insult, I am one of the older users here on Buzznet.  Yes, at 25 going on 26 I really should be thinking…

The Jonas Brothers sing the national anthem

The JoBros sing the national anthem at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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