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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Walker Explains Leaving Panic! At The Disco and New Solo Songs

Last year when I was rolling through Chicago on a book tour stop I got the chance to have a visit + a killer margarita with Jon Walker.  I was…

Leaked Sample of Panic! At the Disco’s ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa.’ YES PLEASE!

So, if you’re like me, you are holding your breath with excitement over the upcoming new Panic! at the Disco album.

We should really stop that, though.  Humans need to breath.  Breathing is good for us. …

The Young Veins Premier Their “Take a Vacation” Video

Oh, the Young Veins.  One day, your van will magically turn into a time machine that will send you back to the 1960’s and you can happily live there. 

And really, it couldn’t happen fast enough…

The Young Veins are a Little Too Obvious

When Ryan Ross and Jon Walker split from Panic! at the Disco to start their own project, The Young Veins, peopled wondered if their sound would be similar to Panic’s second album Pretty. …

Interviewing The Young Veins: Getting Even Younger

Two years ago I was navigating the halls of the Staples Center to interview Panic at the Disco before their headlining performance on the Honda Civic Tour–stark contrast to the dark, tiny dressing room

The Young Veins Title Their Album

In case you had any hopes that Jon Walker and Ryan Ross would make a teary reunion with their bandmates Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith before anything was set in stone… well, forget it. The…

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker’s New Band: The Young Veins

The half of Panic! at the Disco that re-embraced the exclamation and pedaled backwards a bit as far as progression released “A New Perspective” today. Not to be upstaged (or harrassed via various social

Get a “New Perspective” on Panic! at the Disco

There’s been some fear, some apprehension, some excitement and, believe it or not, some general “meh” regarding the recent news in regards to Panic! at the Disco.  Between the news of

Buzznet Names The New Ryan Ross – Jon Walker Project

We’ve just about come to terms with the Panic at the Disco split, some people hopeful that it means twice as much music as before, and some… well, still blaming Ryan Ross.

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Panic at the Disco Nostalgia Post

So yesterday we received the news that Panic at the Disco will continue on without Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. There was a considerable amount of freak out, undertstandably.

Although wer’e all mildly comforted by…

Ryan Ross on Panic’s Future Sound. Plus: He is Relatively Sure He’s NOT Mick Jagger

While Jon Walker blogged earlier today, we’ve also got new news from Panic at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross.  Ryan apparently spoke to Rolling…

Jon Walker Updates Panic at the Disco Fans

So, remember the long wait between A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and Pretty.  Odd.?  Well, if you were afraid Panic at the Disco was going to pull…

Panic at the Disco: ‘Northern Downpour’ Video Premiere by the End of the Week

Ever since Panic at the Disco told Buzznet‘s own Breesays they had a video for “Northern Downpour” in the works, fans have been waiting (im)patiently for news. And while we did just

New Guitar Hero: World Tour Ad Hits Airwaves

So, in case you haven’t caught it yet, there’s a new ad out for Guitar Hero: World Tour.  The commercial parodies the classic “dancing in underwear” scene from Risky Business, but ads a…

Bring Home Panic at the Disco for the Holidays

Panic at the Disco might be on the road through November on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, the Plain White T’s and

Panic at the Disco Propose Beer and Bible Study with The Jonas Brothers

Panic at the Disco, currently on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, know what it’s like to be the group of guys who get teen hearts

Backstage before Panic at the Disco show

Panic at the Disco Say New Songs Do Not Mean Another New Album in ’08

To everyone who interpreted Panic at the Disco‘s “we haven’t stopped writing songs” comment to mean that they’d be putting out another album later this year — chillllllllllax.

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Sneak Preview: Panic at the Disco “That Green Gentelman”

Boys, I’ll say this as calmly as possible: GIVE ME THIS VIDEO OR I WILL CUT A BITCH!

Recap: Panic at the Disco on SNL

Well, I did it.  I managed to sit up and watching Panic perform on Saturday night.  Mainly, I’m amazed I managed to sit through so many bad skits (really, I don’t believe how unfunny most…

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