don’t let love pass me by, just show me how.. because i’m ready to fall

we had a tea party!! erika, chrissy, hannah, rebekah, lysie, brenna, chrissy and i all dressed up in these big victorian like dresses.. it was so much fun. after we had our tea, we went outside and walked. one man asked us if we were lost, one asked if someone was getting married, and one man said that we were gorgeous. haha. sooo great. the tea was sooo good. i want more haha. more pictures coming soon.. here’s some of them.

we had blueberry tea, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, chocolate truffles, and blueberry tarts. yummm.

me and hannah

erika being all gorgeous and stuff

hannah, me, and my crooked lips hahaha.

so yeah, more pics soon. i’m so tired. i think me, my mom and erika are going out somewhere. my dad’s at a meeting, so he won’t be home for a while. i can’t wait until halloween! i finally have my costume together.. oh gosh, i need to write leah a letter so she doesn’t kill me haha.

how has your week been so far?