Things You Need To Know About The End Of ‘Jersey Shore’!

For six seasons, the cast of MTV’s reality show The Jersey Shore has kept us entertained, laughing, crying and gasping at all the crazy moments of living and working on New Jersey’s famed shore. Since 2009, we’ve discovered the art of G.T.L., fist pumping and what a “Situation” was. In the process, it’s forever changed… More »

Jersey Shore Star Set to Make An Impact… In a Wrestling Ring?

No, we cannot yet start ignoring the Jersey Shore.  Because if we try, the stars will keep appearing in the most ridiculous places.

Like, say, a pro-wrestling ring.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie will be…

My Top 10 Favorite Music Videos.

Here are my Top 10 favorite music videos of all time!

10. “Immortal Love”- Vampires Everywhere!

9. “Moment 4 Life”- Nicki Minaj

8. “Eternise Moi”- Jena Lee feat. Eskemo

7. “Just Tonight”- The…

“The Drug in Me is You”- Falling in Reverse (REVIEW)

CAUTION: EXPLICIT This is Ronnie Radke’s (ex-ETF lead singer) new band, Falling in Reverse, first single. I would like to say a few things about Radke… 1) I love him. I am pro-Radke, and anti-Mabbit. 2) I am overjoyed that he was able to get right back into music when he got out of jail…. More »

now i’m unbreakable.

abima is being eaten!

=) web cams are the best. oh, and i look like a bum.

i don’t know what you’ve been through.

today is one of those days where no matter what you do, you just don’t look good. haha. last night erika, my mom and i went for a walk at 11:30 pm =) the moon was so bright and it felt sooo good. today it’s in the 60’s again.. i’m so excited that it’s warm!!… More »

this is how it feels.

so gabriel’s was having a huge shoe sale. they had some sick shoes!! i found one pair that i fell in love with, but they were a 6. normally i can wear a 6 but these were made smaller. boo! howseveryonedoing?!

i smiled enough.

well aren’t you just ridiculous.

only 26 hours until trick-or-treat time!!

don’t ask her that.

tons and tons of new pics coming soon. xoxoxo

i love to be with you and the sun will rise. the sun will rise.

today erika and i had to go over to our grandparents house and help our step-grandma pack up. they’re moving really soon to an apartment while they build a house. it’s sad that they’re leaving..…

HannaBeth by Erika

my sister decided to draw a cartoon picture of Hanna for me =) I love it.

oh, spin my wheel. so freakin entertaining.

eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. can’t get enough.

find alice and tell her that ronnie is still alive. she’ll know what you mean.

go check out my blog for more pics! xoxo


pictures from the tea party!!

i’m so tired. goodnight.



don’t let love pass me by, just show me how.. because i’m ready to fall

we had a tea party!!  erika, chrissy, hannah, rebekah, lysie, brenna, chrissy and i all dressed up in these big victorian like dresses.. it was so much fun. after we had our tea, we went outside…

there’s nothing to do.

i might go and take a million pictures. nothing to do. ugh.

bathing the puppy

kio getting a bath.. i’ll post more stuff tomorrow probably. our kitchen was infested with moths, so we had to do major cleaning and shopping all day and i’m really tired. xo

i hate this part.

how has your weekend been so far? xo

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