Seth Green Brings all the (Fall Out) Boys to the Yard

I don’t know if it’s his milkshake or just because he’s one of the funniest, smartest and yet most chill guys in Hollywood, but Seth Green’s got a charm to him. And apparently, his word on a teen film is good enough to get Fall Out Boy to cameo in it.

The film is titled Sex Drive and stars Josh Zuckerman (who’s appeared in episodes of “Kyle XY,” “House” and “CSI: Miami”), Carl Duke (from the TV series “Greek”) and James Marsden (the X-Men franchise) along with Green. Fall Out Boy make a cameo appearance during a concertn in an Amish community. But Fall Out Boy wouldn’t have appeared if it hadn’t been for Seth Green’s involvement in the project.

“We always get these offers, like, ‘Hey, why don’t you guys do this “Super Sweet 16″ movie!’ And we’re like, ‘Uh, maybe not,’ ” Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz laughed. “But this one actually seemed funny, and plus, we, like, texted Seth and asked him if he was doing it, and he said yes.”

Director Sean Anders seemed surprised that Seth and Fall Out Boy knew each other, but Fall Out Boy fans will remember Seth Green’s cameo in the video for “This Ain’t a Scene (It’s an Arms Race),” alongside Buffy: The Vampire Slayer co-star Michelle Tractenberg (hush, they were both on the show, regardless of the fact that they were never in an episode together). But Anders was definitely happy for Fall Out Boy’s participation…especially when it came to recruiting extras. When talking to MTV, he said “…the only way we could get all these extras out to that part of Florida was to tell them, ‘Hey, Fall Out Boy!'”

Sex Drive opens October 17th. No word yet on what song Fall Out Boy is performing, or if they’ll be on the soundtrack, but it’s a pretty safe bet their fans will love it no matter what. Especially considering the film is releasing less than a month before Fall Out Boy’s next studio album, Folie A Deux.

But has fame gone to the heads of the boys? Amanda Crews, who plays the film’s love interest, says, “We were worried that they were going to have these egos or whatever,” she said. “They were the coolest group of people ever. We hung out with them the whole day when they were on set.”

And what does Seth Green have to say about all recruiting Fall Out Boy? “I did it for this film, and I did it for the kids. You’re welcome, America.”

I think we owe Seth Green a huge “Thank you.” So leave one here!