Now You Can Be a DJ Hero, Too

Even though Guitar Hero: World Tour isn’t set to hit shelves until October 26th, Activision has already announced where it’s heading in the future: the turntable.

DJ Hero, a game two years in the making, may finally be ready to debut next summer, reports Rolling Stone. The idea is basically the same as Guitar Hero: follow the cues on screen with your controller. However, with DJ Hero, your controller is a turntable, which you’ll use to scratch, crossfade and add special effects to songs. And the songs you’re jamming to aren’t 30 Seconds to Mars or Lacuna Coil or Willie Nelson or….actually, just check out the full Guitar Hero: World Tour track listing here! Instead, the game’s soundtrack will feature mash ups of famous artists, a la Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s album Collision Course.

But wait, it gets better.

Part of the game’s long delay to stores — besides the inherent difficulties in getting the rights to sample-heavy hip-hop tracks — now appears to be Activision’s plan on making DJ playable with Guitar Hero gear, allowing users to create mash-ups between the rap and rock genres…

DJ Hero won’t release until at least next summer, but hey. It’s definitely something to anticipate.

Who would you want to hear on the DJ Hero soundtrack?