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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Tracklist Revealed!

Everyone from AFI to ZZ Top is featured on the ROCKTASTIC track listing for the newest release in the Guitar Hero franchise. Strap on your brand spankin’ new Guitar Hero controller…

New Guitar Hero: World Tour Ad Hits Airwaves

So, in case you haven’t caught it yet, there’s a new ad out for Guitar Hero: World Tour.  The commercial parodies the classic “dancing in underwear” scene from Risky Business, but ads a…

Behind the Scenes: Hayley Williams Does Motion Capture for Guitar Hero: World Tour

So a few weeks ago, I reported that Guitar Hero: World Tour was going to feature a drum kit and microphone in order to keep up with rival game Rock Band 2. 

But there’s

Behind the Scenes: Haley Williams Motion Capture for “Guitar Hero: World Tour”

Now You Can Be a DJ Hero, Too

Even though Guitar Hero: World Tour isn’t set to hit shelves until October 26th, Activision has already announced where it’s heading in the future: the turntable.

DJ Hero, a game two years

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