Jonas Brothers, Rock Stars…Candles?

So, in case you’ve been living in a cave, the Jonas Brothers are everywhere. On the radio, on television, and hey, they might have even decided to give Buzznet a try! Plus, they’re running around promoting causes such as diabetes awareness and getting kids to get outside and get active.

But at least one version of the Disney trio will be standing still for a while. Because, on Monday, the brothers were inducted into Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Washington, D.C… as wax figurines.

For a full gallery of waxed Jonas Brothers see here.

The threesome; Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas, took time that day to strike some poses with their wax figures, creating frenzy among a throng of fans who attended the event. Eldest brother Kevin’s wax is seen smiling, wearing black outfits and a pair of white shoes with its hands holding a guitar. Joe’s wax elsewhere wears a more formal outfit, pink-colored long-sleeved shirt and a matching tie, a black coat and a pair of silver shoes. As for Nick, his wax wears a coordinated blue clothes, plus a black bow tie, and a pair of white shoes. It is seen holding a guitar too.


So, while fangirls and boys still can’t take home their favorite Jonas in candle form, you can still stop by the museum and check out the boys frozen in time alongside other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Will Smith and Johnny Depp. Also, you can stop by and see figurines of Ella Fitzgerald, John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama and Buzz Aldrin.

Of course, some of you might not be JoBros fans. And that’s cool. Because there’s a ton of musical acts still to be inducted, right?

My Chemical Romance could appease the fans who weren’t happy with the demise of the Black Parade (and/or Gerard Way’s bleach job) by having wax figures dressed in their respective costumes installed. Mikey’s wax figure, like his real life counterpart, would likely have to be kept away from forks and toasters.

All Time Low‘s wax doubles would likely have to be set up on some kind of pulley system or moving platforms to accurately recreate their always energized on stage performances!

Gym Class Heroes could celebrate the release of their new CD, by having wax doubles of themselves installed. Of course, that would require the challenge of capturing Travis McCoy’s often unusual facial expressions accurately in wax. Oh, and keeping some of the fangirls from stealing Disashi’s figure.

Now come on, Buzznet! Share your ideas for bands who deserve the wax treatment! And no, I’m not talking about the ones that need their eyebrows waxed.