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#FBF Early Jonas Brothers

Today, we’re feeling nostalgic. No, not for the days before smartphones and Snapchat… instead we’re missing a world where Nick, Kevin, and Joe brought us good, clean pop tunes and tons of absurd haircuts. The Jonas Brothers were a Disney goldmine. Between the albums, tours, TV show, and special appearances in Camp Rock and Camp… More »

#FBF 10 Reasons We Miss The Jonas Brothers

Let’s take it all the way back to 2007. Around that time the world was introduced to three mop-topped brothers from New Jersey. They were adorable as all get out, and they were as pure and chaste as K-Pop stars with their Disney Channel personas and promise rings. They were the Jonas Brothers. The JoBros are… More »

Dani Vitale In The Jonas Brothers “First Time” Music Video


So I posted a blog a couple weeks back about going to Las Vegas with my friends, and it happened to turn into a music video for

Who Convinced Nick Jonas To Dance In The ‘Pom Poms’ Video?!

Let me start by saying I heart the Jonas Brothers! I most definitely rocked out to “Burnin’ Up” in my car, saw them put on a crazy sold-out stadium show at the height…

Is There A Baby Jonas On The Way? (VIDEO)

With their newly announced reunion, the Jonas Brothers are going to be one busy band! Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are busy…

Jonas Brothers Make A HUGE Announcement: What Is It?!

The Jonas Brothers have been MIA as a group as of late, with each of the guys doing their solo thing: Nick Jonas and Joe…

The Jonas Brothers Make A Big Change!

While boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted are bringing back the boy band era, we can’t forget one of our favorite boy bands: <a…

Kevin And Danielle Jonas Land Their Own Reality Show – ‘Married to Jonas’

The Jonas Brothers are back!! Okay, not really… But one of them is. The eldest of the Jonas Brothers – Kevin Jonas – is making a comeback, but with his wife Danielle Jonas

The Jonas Brothers Are Back And Ready For Reality TV

That’s right! The Jonas Brothers are back! After a 2 year hiatus filled with projects that included a solo album from Joe and Nick‘s return to Broadway,…

Nick Jonas Says New Jonas Brothers Album Is Happening

The Jonas Brothers, yep the original JBs, are ready to start making a new record.

In an interview with MTV News, Nick Jonas shared…

Hangin’ with Nicole Anderson from “Jonas” Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Nicole. Aside from being an actress, she’s also very crafty and we did another video of her showing me how to make a really cute tote bag that is coming soon. Don’t forget to check out “Jonas” Saturday on the Disney Channel at 8pm and if you missed… More »

Meet My New Friend Nicole Anderson from Disney’s “Jonas”

Earlier this week I went to the Buzznet offices to meet and interview Nicole Anderson, one of the stars of the new “Jonas” show on the Disney Channel. She couldn’t have been sweeter and we had a lot in common, from our dogs to our favorite movies. Photos of me and Nicole at Buzznet HERE… More »

Jonas Brothers, Rock Stars…Candles?

So, in case you’ve been living in a cave, The Jonas Brothers are everywhere.  On the radio, on television, and hey, they might have even decided to give Buzznet a try

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