It has been quite awhile since we have posted a journal, and its about time to post another. I also decided to answer some of the questions we have gotton asked.

For starters, we have gotton messages/comments asking about our fanfic “Blood Painted Roses,” People have asked if it was finished, to answer your question the fanfic is not finished. We just kinda lost interest in it and we had writers block. So we decided to give it rest but like I said we got messages from readers and well we thought it wasn’t fair to leave our readers on that cliffhanger. I mean I would hate for a person not to finish a story.

So Annette and I have talked about it and we’ll write another chapter, but we’re still not sure if we’re going to finish it in this last chapter. We been talking to some of our friends on how we should end it, I can’t promise that we’ll post in the next week, but we’ll try :D.

We also like to thank those who messaged us about it (You know who you are ;D) You guys are truly good friends.

If you guys are just hearing about this story and want to read it

go here://

The main character is Hayley Williams except her last name is Stevens.Pete Wentz is also in it except his name is Adam Breech. I think you guys might like it.

Its not a fanfic about how paramore got started or anything like that. Its more like reality I guess.