Fall Out Boy streaming live LP exclusively on Buzznet!


“****LIVE IN PHOENIX,” Fall Out Boy‘s hot new CD/DVD set, hits shelves Tuesday, but guess what? Buzznet and FOE have a full-album stream exclusively (right now!) until its release date! You’re stoked! I’ll handle the lick lick salute, you take the Troh fro—we’ll re-enact the live show, cool?

Here’s the rundown of what’ll be in the full package::• 22-song performance, recorded at Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix (on the DVD)• 15 live tracks (on the CD)• A studio recording of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” featuring John Mayer (on the CD)• All of FOB’s Island Def Jam videos, in order (on the DVD)

If you wanna win a signed copy, chhhheck this out.

Listen, love, rawwwwwk out and lemme know what you think!