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Love Lives Forever – 20 Most Iconic Michael Jackson’s Music Videos [3rd Anniversary]

Three years ago, the whole world was crying for have lost one of the most iconic artist ever, a living legend, a king, the King of Pop: Michael Jackson.


Pete Wentz Talks New Fall Out Boy Record, Writing Lyrics and Collaborating with TI

Pete Wentz has done a lot of talking about the  new CD his band has been working on.  Band names have been thrown around, most notably AC/DC.  And now he’s revealed

Fall Out Boy – ‘Beat It’

It has arrived! The FOBz pay tribute to the gloved one in this new video. Also? Looks like Joe Troh borrowed Pete’s flat-iron.

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Beat It’ Video Shoot: 1988 Explodes All Over Patrick Stump

This weekend, Fall Out Boy were busy shooting the music video for their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” and oh, it sounds glorious. The whole…

Fall Out Boy streaming live LP exclusively on Buzznet!


“****LIVE IN PHOENIX,” Fall Out Boy‘s hot new CD+DVD set, hits shelves April 1, but guess what? Buzznet and FOE have a full-album stream EXCLUSIVELY until…

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