Panic at the Disco set for ‘Heroes’ soundtrack


Heroes,” despite being on an agonizing hiatus (MILO VENTIMIGLIA I MISS YOU!), is ready to put out its first original soundtrack — and music videos to go along with it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The soundtrack — due March 18 — features Panic‘s new song “Nine in the Afternoon,” plus songs from Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf and more. This is great news for “Heroes” fans, although Panic aficionados probably won’t be celebrating as much, since they probably already have “Nine.”

I’m not totally convinced this will work because the music in “Heroes” doesn’t really stand out as much as it did in “The O.C.” or as it currently does in “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Gossip Girl“. It’ll be interesting to hear all the songs they’ve selected to put together, and see if it really feels like ‘Heroes’ though.Tracklisting:1. ”Heroes Title,” Wendy & Lisa2. ”Fire and Regeneration,” Wendy & Lisa3. ”He’s Frank,” Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop4. ”All for Swinging You Around,” New Pornographers5. ”Glad It’s Over,” Wilco6. ”Weightless,” Nada Surf7. ”Nine in the Afternoon,” Panic at the Disco8. ”Chills,” My Morning Jacket9. ”Natural Selectio,” Wendy & Lisa10. ”ABoneCroneDrone 3,” Shelia Chandra11. ”Not Now but Soon,” Imogen Heap12. ”Jealously Rides With Me,” Death Cab for Cutie13. ”All Things Must Pass,” The Jesus and Mary Chain14. ”Homecoming,” Wendy & Lisa15. ”Man in the Long Black Coat,” Bob Dylan16. ”Maya’s Theme,” Yerba Buena17. ”Keeping My Composure,” The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock18. ”Heroes,” David Bowie

Oh, and since that was a complete tease on the PATD front, I bring you their Rolling Stone “Ask a Rock Star” segment:

It’s always special to Jon and Spencer talk. Ha.