#FBF The Stars of Felicity

Real talk: Felicity Porter, the lead character in the teen drama Felicity, was a bit of a stalker. She completely botched her own college plans to follow her high school crush to New York City. Was it ridic? Absolutely. Did Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, and Scott Foley, somehow make this concept work so the show became a beloved… More »

Happy 68th Birthday Mr. David Bowie

 Today is the 68th birthday of my myth, David Bowie!

For me he’s THE artist. He’s a singer, songrwriter, musician, actor, painter, husband, father. It’s easier maybe to…

Traineeship Day 4: Talking About Music & Low

Today was a little bit different from the first three but at the same time interesting, inspiring and useful.

I called my tutor around midday for asking him…

Real-Life Celeb Heroes

Celebs just seem to have it all: the money, the fame, lavish lifestyles… and we have to admit, we’re pretty jealous! After all, it seems all that they do is stand there, look pretty/handsome and get paid for it. Not so true actually – they are plenty of celebs who do a lot for the… More »

Birth Of A Myth

Today for me it’s a fantastic day! Today is the b-day not to a simple man, but also to a many sided artist, a singer, an actor, a songwriter, a musician, a composer, a fashion…

Discussion: How Would the Characters of Heroes Vote?

So, last night there was no “Heroes,” because of the SNL election eve special.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t, in some small way, discuss Parkman and his turtle.

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Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and Gerard Way on the Red Carpet

Greg Grunberg from Heroes interviews the acts on the red carpet. My fangirl heart swells with glee!

Panic at the Disco set for ‘Heroes’ soundtrack


Heroes,” despite being on an agonizing hiatus (MILO VENTIMIGLIA I MISS YOU!), is ready to put out its first original soundtrack — and music videos to go along with…

Beware Your Heroes

We all have heroes.  Fictional or real, we all have people we look up to for so many reasons.  For their actions, for their words, for their music, for all of the above.  And we…

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden h-o-l-d-i-n-g h-a-n-d-s!

They’re all together and stuff now. Sigh at their couple-y cuteness pictures at ASL.

I think this makes their being siblings on <span style="font-weight:…

Heroes volume 3: “Villains” sneak peek

We’re Your Heroes Now!

Never say Coyote and I never did anything for you.

It appears that, before the writer’s strike began, the beginning of another episode of Heroes was being written.  Unfortunately, it ends only a fraction of…

Heroes 2X11 “Powerless” (US) preview

Heroes 2X11 preview (CANADIAN)


Faye vrs. Tank Girl was a blow out (25%|75%).  Faye severly underestimated how little good her sex appeal would have against Rebecca and her own big guns.  Though Faye was smart enough to save most…

Heroes 2X10 preview (US)

Heroes 2X10 preview (CANADIAN)

Heroes 2×09 “Cautionary Tales” US promo

3 episodes left… ;-(

Milo Ventimiglia

Heroes 2X08

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