NOBODY’S PERFECT (obviously)

Everything happens for a reason, in my world at least. Valentine’s Day seemed like it couldn’t of gotten any better until I ran into Hanna, who I haven’t seen in months because of other people trying to cause drama between us.. It was really nice to actually talk and let everything go.. the past is exactly that, the past and her & I are too close to let these leeches ruin us. I missed one of my best friends..

black & white

jstar, hanna, jac

The past few days have been crazy.. Hanna & Jac & Jstar= Urth Cafe/mall trips/5AM touch ups hello kitty stuffed animals matching sunglasses lipgloss, cobra, too many hair flips Amy’s 4AM amazing bunk sex brutal, vanity, ruthless I performed on stage with Metro Station, so fun.. love those boys

jstar, hanna, gabe, jac


I missed us.

we’re back bitches.

have YOU ever felt like someone else was causing problems in your friendship with someone else? I hate people.