IG Recap: Taste The Rainbow

I am so happy that I’m constantly busy these days making new products for Jeffree Star Cosmetics, traveling for makeup classes and doing shoots…there is nothing better than doing what you love. What do you want to see next from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

IG Recap: The Valley Of The Sun

I recently had an incredible trip to Phoenix where I played with makeup, friends and even snuck in some photoshoots. I like to always be as productive as possible. Work hard, play hard right? Here is a gallery of my past 7 days via Instagram!

EXCLUSIVE: Jeffree Star Interviews Bon Qui Qui On Her New Album!

I am beyond excited to share this amazing interview I did with my homegirl Bon Qui Qui right here on Buzznet! If you don’t know who she is…you should because she…

IG Recap: Sleepless In Seattle

I had such an amazing time this past weekend in Seattle for the #ExtremeBeautyTour classes! It’s always so much fun playing with makeup and meeting my incredible fans. Where should we go next?

Beauty Roundup: 2015 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were tonight in Beverly Hills and it was a night filled with super glam. All the stars arrived bringing their A game to the red carpet. Take a look in the gallery below at all the red carpet beauty looks of the night and comment on your favorite look! What was your… More »

Best Beauty Looks: People’s Choice Awards 2015

The Peoples Choice Awards were last night in Downtown LA and the beauty was on point…for the most part. From bright eyes to bold lips, the gals of the red carpet all brought their A-makeup-game to kick off award season! Take a look in the gallery below at all the beauty looks of the night… More »

Be Radiant: Add Some Color To Your Life!

I clearly love colors in my hair and try to keep my hair evolving through the years. I have had short hair, blonde hair and long hair extensions. When you have no fear the possibilities are endless. I found some awesome photos of other people who have done the same thing… Take a look at… More »

IG Recap: New Year, New Beginnings!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here but I’m excited to start this new year off with some of my favorite photos I posted on my IG recently. What do you guys want to see me post more of this year?

Beauty Forever: That’s So Fetch!

I am sure all of you have heard or even said the saying “That’s So Fetch” in your lifetime. It’s a classic quote from movies like Clueless and Mean Girls and just something people have said over the years which led me to turning it into a cute beanie for Beauty Forever! Here is a… More »

Beauty Looks To Rock On Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means a few things…food, friends, family, and counting your blessings. One of the things I think we will all be wondering is “What do I wear?” Whether you are seeing family, a dinner with your friends or meeting new people for the first time, you should still have fun with your… More »

Winter Camo Fashion Inspiration!

Winter is here and it’s time to rock the neutrals. Greys, army greens, blacks…give me all of it. Don’t get me wrong not ALL camo is trendy or cute, the right camo and camo shades though…perfection. Here is a gallery of camo inspired looks to get you excited for Winter fashion! Thoughts on camo?

IG Recap: The Vegas Strip And Donuts!

What a busy week it has been! From meetings and photoshoots to walking the strip in Vegas with my friends. Did you do anything exciting this past week?

Best/Worst Beauty Looks At The 2014 American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were tonight in Downtown LA and the beauty was on point…for the most part. From bright eyes to pouty lips, the gals of the red carpet all brought their A (makeup) game for one of the biggest nights in music. Take a look in the gallery below at all the beauty… More »

Get Behind The Scenes With Jeffree Star & Beauty Forever!

I recently did a fun photoshoot with a few friends for some new products we will be launching on Paper Alligator for my clothing line Beauty Forever! That shoot will be out soon so stay tuned but for now here are the BTS photos for you to enjoy!

Love Or Leave: You Can Now Buy A “Normal Barbie” Doll!

I post all things Barbie on here from fashion, human Barbies, collectibles and everything in between! 

Today I saw something going viral online about the new…

Trend To Rock: Velvet

I love seeing fashion from the past making a comeback. Right now chokers, chunky platforms, dark makeup and velvet are some of the few things from the 90s that have come back full force! Here is a gallery of all things velvet for you to fall in love with. Would you rock this?

IG Recap: Birthday Wishes & Cotton Candy!

This past week has been an exciting one filled with lots of friends, family and candles! I am another year older and another day closer to releasing my makeup to you all. What more could I ask for? What did YOU all do this weekend?

Beauty Forever: These Bad Ass Fans Rock My Beanies Fearlessly!

As you saw last week, I have been showing off my favorite Beauty Forever inspired looks! This week’s gallery features my fans and friends rocking the C word beanie 😉 are YOU brave enough to rock this beanie?

Celebrities With Pink Hair!

Pink is my go to color which is why I have had my hair pink for YEARS on and off. I am not alone though, so many other amazing people and celebrities have tried pink hair! Some have pulled it off and some…not SO much… Here is a gallery of celebrities who can rock the… More »

Barbie Loves Wildfox!

Wildfox released a new Barbie themed lookbook today and I am IN LOVE! From the perfectly sculpted models to the amazing baby pink clothes and bright pink corvette…they gave us the whole package! Now we just need to see the perfect Ken 😉 Would you step back into your childhood and rock these Barbie inspired… More »

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