Jean vrs. Alice

This was the closest fight we’ve had yet. So close that the vote was actually tied. So, I was left to make the call. My decision was influenced twofold: first by the fact that Jean could use her powers to make Alice relive her memories of being experimented on by Umbrella, rendering her as helpless as she was at the end of Resident Evil: Apocalypse…down to not being able to hold a pen correctly. Secondly was the fact that the Jean voters were more vocal…THAT’LL TEACH YOU NOT TO COMMENT WHEN YOU VOTE, FUCKERS! Jean Grey won not by technically KILLING Alice, but by effectively rendering her brain-dead.

Aeryn Sun Vs. Lara Croft

This actually wasn’t too close a fight. Aeryn kept her distance at first. Lara assumed she was holding back but Aeryn just wanted to see how good her fighting skills were. By comparison, they weren’t that great. They were good, but only for a human. A Peacekeeper raised by the military obviously had better skills. She ended up toying with Lara for about an hour and then grew bored. At that point Lara was out of ammunition and Aeryn still had half a charge on her blaster. A quick shot to Lara’s leg and it was no trouble chasing her down and simply snapping her neck.

So, the chart at the end of Round One:

This means our Round Two match-ups have been decided:

We’re kicking things off with: