A Walk On The Red Carpet With: Julie Benz

Hello my lovely Buzzneters, I’m here with a new gallery project and I really hope you like it. I thought about it when I was admiring some Julie Benz’s photos on red carpets and I was like: “Ok, I can share these beautiful pics on Buzznet and start with her this project!” For who doesn’t… More »

Our Favorite Onscreen Vampires: Where Are They Now?

Anyone who thinks that Edward Cullen is the coolest, oldest, smartest and sparkliest vampire has a thing or two to learn about vampire history. Okay, maybe he IS the sparkliest, but there have been countless awesome vamps long before the Cullens ever set foot in Forks. Lots of these classics have been overshadowed by all… More »

Smeyer, You Need To Back Off of Buffy

I think she’s more of a typical teen than people give her credit for. She’s a little more withdrawn, she’s quieter. But there are so many girls out there that don’t know kung…

Buffy Movie FAIL

According to reports circling teh interwebz right now, there are plans to make a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer movie.

Great, right?  I mean, Buffy is a cult hit TV show, had…no wait, still HAS…a large and…

A Rallying Cry Against Stupid Helmets

So RedEye, a subsection of the Chicago Tribune, is having a tournament to find the Best Superhero Ever.  The first round matches are ending on Friday and I’m taking this chance to put out…

So it doesn’t get lost…


Jean vrs. Alice

This was the closest fight we’ve had yet.  So close that the vote was actually tied.  So, I was left to make the call.  My decision was influenced twofold: first by the…

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